Surgent Professional Education Announces Accountex Conference Participation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Devon, PA)—Surgent Professional Education, a leader in the field of CPE for CPAs and other financial professionals, has recently announced their participation in this year’s Accountex Conference. Surgent created a strategic partnership with Accountex USA earlier in the year, and the Surgent team’s participation in the conference is an outgrowth of that … Continue reading “Surgent Professional Education Announces Accountex Conference Participation”


(Devon, PA)—Surgent Professional Education, a leader in the field of CPE for CPAs and other financial professionals, has recently announced their participation in this year’s Accountex Conference. Surgent created a strategic partnership with Accountex USA earlier in the year, and the Surgent team’s participation in the conference is an outgrowth of that partnership.

Evan Kramer, ‎Chief Executive Officer of Surgent Professional Education, stated “As a company that provides CPA webinars and ongoing education for accounting professionals, working with Accountex just makes so much sense. We are proud of the strategic partnership we’ve created, and we know that what we each bring to the table is beneficial for CPA’s in many ways. We’re not exaggerating when we say that the Accountex Conference is the event of the year for all accounting professionals. They’ll have a chance to gain vital insight from top business executives as well as getting a glimpse of what the future holds in terms of the technology that will impact the way they work.”

The Accountex Conference will be held at the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada November 15-18, 2016. This four-day learning experience will allow professionals in the accounting community to get a full understanding of the technology that is available to help them move their own businesses and the industry forward. They’ll also be presented with multiple perspectives regarding the solutions that can help them improve and streamline their business processes.

As Kramer continued, “Our ultimate goal in providing CPAs with top-notch education, and future CPAs with the best cpa review course, is to help the accounting professionals we serve position themselves for success. We wholeheartedly believe that the education they’ll receive at Accountex’s annual technology showcase will help to push them toward that goal. Technology drives accounting, and the solutions that these professionals will gain access to at the conference will help them stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide meaningful services to their own clients.”

Those who are interested in learning more about Surgent Professional Education and their partnership with Accountex USA can visit for additional information.

About Surgent Professional Education:

Surgent (formerly Surgent McCoy) is a leader in the field of continuing professional education (CPE) for CPAs and other financial professionals. Their team will provide thousands of CPE webinars, self-study courses, CPE packages, and live seminars this year for accounting, tax, and financial professionals all across the country. Surgent also helps aspiring CPAs pass the CPA Exam faster through its cpa review courses, which leverages a proprietary adaptive learning technology to customize a learning plan for each candidate, saving hours of study time for each candidate while delivering overall pass rates that are twice the national average. 


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Reasons Why You Should Use Stamped Concrete

When beautifying your home, there are various methods that you can use to make it good-looking. One of the most common techniques is using the stamped concrete. Previously, individuals overlooked the use of this kind of decoration since it appeared to be relatively expensive. Presently, there have been numerous changes regarding stamped concrete. Since people have accepted to embrace change, thus stamped concrete has become popular. This kind of beautification adds significant value to your home, allowing to improve quickly in value and hence attractive.

In addition, besides decorating the inside of your home, you can also do it on the outside using the stamped concrete. That is so since there are many ways that you can use the stamped concrete. Further, there are many patterns that you can form using this type of concrete. Whereas stamped concrete is inexpensive does not mean that it is made with low quality.

There are varied ways that stamped concrete can be done so as to get the results that you want. You can add an accent shade to it. Moreover, you can add a base color that you prefer to make it more alluring. In addition, you can also select the type of pattern that you are interested in. There are numerous shapes and textures that you can select from according to the section that you are applying the concrete.

While you can choose to perform the job on your own, it is best to have the help of an individual that has experience of many years. There are many organizations that provide the stamped concrete services. You are bound to finish the task earlier that you thought since stamped concrete is simple to utilize. In other words, there is a lower chance of being disappointed as you will get the landscape that you desire. Another benefit is that you will realize that you will use less money on the entire project. Ensure that you compare various concrete contractors and hire the one that is more qualified and affordable to evade any inconveniences.

To get the best contractor; you can start by looking at concrete manufacturers. These are the organizations that sell materials to the contractors. Many of these supply companies offer their items to the public. It is common to find customers talking to contractors about the different kind of decorations that they can undertake in their homes. The sales employees at these organizations are ready to address your issues as long as you buy their products. Further, they are familiar with many contractors that have bought their products. Thus, ensure that while asking about their items, ask about some names of contractors.

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What Has Changed Recently With Options?

Telephone Answering Services: A Quick Guide Providing the highest level of customer service to all of the clients of the business well practically reducing any overhead can be done by hiring a telephone answering service. So as to eliminate confusion on how all of this is possibly achieved by the business let us make an examination on the offered services that the modern day call center provides to any business hiring them. Besides offering inbound queries, outbound sales, telemarketing as well as lead generation and research, a modern-day call center services also offers a team of trained agents which is always there to handle any and all types of calls that your client might make, as well as virtual receptionist services. Contrary to the preview services of earlier call center companies, these outsourcing companies now offers more than just telemarketing service. These call center companies are now offering turn-key services so that they can practically handle any kind of call center demands that their clients are requesting. The virtual assistant service is probably the most innovative creation of the modern day call center companies of today. What’s great about virtual assistant services offered by this modern-day call center companies is that it helps small-time businesses that does not have the luxury to afford a full-time receptionist, and it is also especially helpful to executives that are constantly traveling.Taking care of every detail that a normal receptionist usually does can be done by a virtual receptionist just the same. By hiring a virtual receptionist a small company will now get rid of the burden that comes with hiring a full-time assistant or receptionist such as payment of salary and training as well as benefits since a virtual receptionist can handle any type of light calls and reception works Ford company just like a regular assistant or receptionist. Since the modern day telephone answering service provider have a lot of branches in almost any part of the world, they will be of big help to traveling Executives that are constantly on the go are there branches will serve as a bridge for any client to use the service.
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Virtual receptionist service is not just limited for use by travelling executives and small businesses that they can also be used as a takeover reception is on any kind of large companies that are still taking calls from clients after every business hours. As a matter of fact a lot of modern day businesses worldwide are now hiring a 24 hour telephone answering service in order to pay her every respective calls of their clients so that they will not be able to miss a single business opportunity.Practical and Helpful Tips: Telephones

Why People Think Services Are A Good Idea

The Different Advantages Provided by the Virtual Office Services In the current time and age, the different business owners are avoiding the traditional methods as well as processes of operating and running their businesses. The good thing is that they have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to dealing with their businesses. These days, it is not needed that they find a good location for the business or the physical premises, to make use as an office or for selling the products. A lot of advance thinking entrepreneurs would ride on a great trend of peddling their merchandise or providing the services through online. Through this, the business owners would cut a lot of the expected costs which often comes with setting up and getting the physical office. Hence, more and more business persons are also now familiar with and are making use of virtual offices. For almost a couple of decades now, the virtual offices now have been in operation and are an available option for various entrepreneurs. But, it has started to achieve traction in the previous years. This option has been very popular on the economic recession which was encountered in several countries. For those who are not familiar with the virtual office service, this is a kind of service that is given by another party or firm that provides the business communications as well as address facilities or solutions. There is no need for the business to have an office in the given address but so man virtual office service providers give a physical office or meeting room to allow the owners or the staff to conduct meetings or so that they can congregate when it is required.
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The virtual office can provide any business with professional front office as well as back office support. The services that such offices often provide a great business and mailing address for a certain company. The incoming calls for the business client can be taken care of by the professional and experienced receptionists. The messages are going to be forwarded at once to the business client. Virtual assistance and the secretarial as well as administrative services are being offered. There is also IT support.
The Essentials of Services – Getting to Point A
The meeting rooms as well as the work or office spaces are offered by the specialized firms because the business owners and also their clients or employees still have to meet from time to time. The versatile office space solution is an excellent choice for the small companies and business owners, the web-based companies or businesses, the companies are going to explore a new market in a new location as well as other professionals which need to improve the business profiles for clients. Virtual office service is going to allow the entrepreneurs to run the businesses at an affordable cost and provides an impression that they have a large company.

Looking On The Bright Side of Receptionists

What is a Virtual Office? Any business requires portraying its image through the services it offers through an office. There are several things needed for a business to show a professional image they include a functional office from where the clients can come and get any help through consulting. The clients would have confidence in business if it has a good office that receives and disseminates information as well as attending to clients on face to face basis. Any business needs to offer office services to its customers. To save on money the virtual office is a good idea for any starting business. A virtual office is a service that has the attributes of a dedicated office to bring out the professional image which saves a business person from having to spend in leasing out an office space, personnel, and security to man the gate. The virtual office operates all the services of a dedicated office for business. The business operating on services of a virtual office pays a monthly bill. A business operating on virtual office needs to foot in the expenses of minor things like photocopying, fax, conference room use among others. Every telephone call for a business is answered by a virtual receptionist. The business person operating on the services of a virtual office get informed of every call of the clients. at the moment a client comes to the virtual office the virtual receptionist greets them and guides them to a conference room.
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A virtual office saves time and money. The virtual address that a business obtains is reputable and much cheaper. The business person have all the time to grow their business without the worries of office personnel or operation. The business person have the leverage of time since they don’t have to spend time operating an office. Since a business that operates on a virtual office does not have to hire office employees it saves on money. The business requires paying for the services that it uses only. Handling a client at the virtual office is top notch from the virtual staff is well trained. The virtual office provides well-furnished rooms that give the client the confidence in the business or profession that operates a virtual office.
The Beginners Guide To Offices (Finding The Starting Point)
The virtual office is often located in prime areas of a metropolitan city or town. The buildings from where virtual offices are located are fine and could be popular thereby offering the business the best deal ever when it comes to office operations. It is, therefore, prudent for a start-up to operate a virtual office to save on cost and acquire a prime location from where their customers can visit and get the service they need.

A 10-Point Plan for Stands (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Getting The Right Exhibition Stand Design When it comes to the promotion of a brand or design, you should know that exhibition stands are present in most business and trade fairs in the market. If you want your brand to gain more buyers or users, it would be best to have a good exhibition stand design for the endorsement. With that in mind, it would be best to put some effort in finding a reliable exhibition stand design expert to assist you with this. You have to do this if you want to make sure that the product or brand that you’re endorsing won’t be ignored. You will have to be knowledgeable about the designs that you need for the stands. With the help of this article, you will be able to know what kind of excellent designs you can have for the exhibition stands. You will also want to ensure that the functionality in the exhibition stand design that you’ll be getting for your brand won’t lack in any respect. When it comes to choosing the exhibition stand design that you want, you have to keep in mind the goals of your firm. Just be sure that you will be able to hire a good exhibition stand design expert before you do this. So if you don’t want your brand to disappoint in the exhibition, you need to be sure that the design of the stands are professionally done. Still, you have to keep in mind that before all of that is done, you have to consult the exhibition stand design for further clarifications. So if you’re planning to endorse a brand, it would be best if the design of the exhibition stand would complement what you’re endorsing in the first place.
The Ultimate Guide to Designs
One of the necessary things that you have to keep on doing is promoting your business’ products and services. You should do this often if you want to gain new clients and customers for your business. If you want to gain business partners, product promotion is also a necessary thing to do provided that you’ve put effort on the exhibition stand design. Having that in mind, investing on excellent exhibition stand designs can do quite a lot of things for your business especially with the promotion part.
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Still, you have to consider meeting with the exhibition stand designer before anything else. You’ll have to discuss with the different things that will ensure the success of your product promotion. Now you may think of doing the design by yourself, but that’s not something that you have to go through especially if you have the option of hiring an expert. You can still come up with the concept that you want, but the exhibition stand design experts will be there to polish it for you. If you want to make a list of the exhibition stand design experts that you can hire, the online web is always there to help you with your search.

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When You are In Need of Plumbing Services Regular maintenance is a necessity in order to maintain the pipes as well as the fixtures in good condition to have a smooth as well as efficient water distribution in your office or house and for the right disposal of sewage. This is one reason about the importance of having plumbing services to help you out. You must remember one thing and such is not to ignore or postpone any type of plumbing repair or maintenance because this can lead to larger issues later on. When the plumbing issues are not addressed at the right time, then such can cause a big problem. However, you need plumbing services to maintain it regularly and so that you can keep yourself from those big repairs. For this reason, it is imperative that you search for a good plumbing service to assist you. You should know that water systems are some of the indispensable components which you use on a daily basis though you don’t know it. Just with the other systems out there, the water supply system will begin to cause problems and this will also demand maintenance services too. There are many of those who try to fix the plumbing issues in their houses on their own but you would often fail in seeing the other big problems that can cause the issue. This is where you need the help of the plumbing service who has that trained personnel to clean those clogged toilets, fix the leaking pipes and others which are also hidden in the basement and also the repair of the busted pipes that can damage the furniture.
The Beginner’s Guide to Plumbing
To work on the plumbing jobs, one would need practical skills and good knowledge that only the professional plumbers will possess. You must know that the professionals will have the latest tools in order to repair and have the major plumbing issues solved with a small amount of time and know how to use them efficiently. Services which are rendered by the professional plumbers are solutions that last and they are not just one-time fixes only. An important part is when you call the plumbing service, they will help you spot and also fix the problems from the root cause.
The 4 Most Unanswered Questions about Plumbers
What you can also expect from the professional companies is that they offer you with a range of plumbing services that involve attending to the burst pipes and also the water leaks, repairing toilets, faucets or taps, hot water heater installation, maintenance and repairs, service, detecting leaks, gas fitting and so much more. These companies can provide emergency plumbing services with just short notices. When you require one on odd hours, you may still have the plumbing repairs you need.

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Things to Understand About Swiss Company Formation

Holding a Swiss company is a fantastic benefit for the many investors who are interested about managing most of their company shares, particularly if they are resident for tax purposes. There are so many countries in Europe that are providing excellent prospects for holding companies and Switzerland is certainly the country that offers the best tax benefits for this sector. The laws of some particular cantons offer tax benefits for the Swiss company formation and in order for you to be qualified for the status of holding in a canton, it is necessary that the investment in foreign companies represent around 2/3 of the assets or total revenues.

There are various advantages of having that Swiss company in the beneficial tax regime and such is about 8 percent in total. When it comes to dividends received by the subsidiaries coming from the Swiss company, you need to watch the available double taxation treaties. Various treaties are applying a rate of 15 percent but Switzerland has made an agreement with the European Union to ensure that the dividends given or paid by a subsidiary of the Swiss holding company won’t be made accountable for taxation in several circumstances. This would let Switzerland be in a better position of obtaining dividends from the European Union countries without withholding tax.

When you go for company formation in Switzerland, you should know that the cantons and the federal authorities definitely recognize the favorable treatment. Swiss holding companies need to have about 20 percent or a CHF 2 millions of the share capital of the other companies and they are going to pay a reduced tax on the dividends which they get. There is a tax reduction because of the relationship of the gross profit and the net dividend income. Know that the deduction on the equity is guaranteed both at the cantonal and the federal level. Such result would consist in nearly no federal taxes on holding companies.

Also, you should know that the cantons are exempting the Swiss holding companies form all the income taxes and this creates a holding privilege. Because of this, the holding company becomes independent on the capital investment deduction. This offers a result that all dividends as well as profits from the sale get exempted from tax payment.

If you are interested on going for Swiss company formation, you may call a specialist on such matter. With the help of the specialist, then you can surely know the many advantages that you will be able to get when holding a company in Switzerland. Also, you can ensure that you will get full support and also customized advance if you are interested about opening a Swiss holding company. When you get the right information that you need, then you can have a better understanding on what should be done and how you will be able to take advantage of such investment.

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What I Can Teach You About Companies

The Big Impacts of Environmental Compliance For the past several years, environmental compliance is gaining a lot of attention in the public sector as well as in the business, industry, and even the construction sector and it is apparent that it has a big impact on the way different companies around the world conduct their business. Environmental compliance is not just about businesses or entities abiding by the legislations, standards, regulations, requirements laid down by the authorities with regards to the environment. It is a truly clear manifest that since there is a stricter and tighter environmental standards and statutes, the environmental compliance is no joking matter and is being taken very seriously. Now, large companies and even organizations are encouraged to take a look at how they affect the environment and that they are also encouraged to do some changes to lessen any adverse impact they contribute towards the environment.
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In its broad sense, compliance to environmental regulations and standards would involve using greener sources of energy, reducing carbon emissions, reducing the amount of energy used among other things.
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Energy saving being done by an entity or a business is not just about compliance to the standards and regulations that were set because it also has something to do with the customers and clients. As customers are having higher awareness when it comes to environmental issues as it is one of the most discussed and most controversial around the world, these customers usually expect the companies to also be active in reducing any activity that will cause heavier impact to the environment. This then shows that even if a company is not yet compelled to abide to any standards set forth by any authority, showing that they can be responsive to the call to protect the environment by setting up goals in order for there to be lesser consumption of energy is a commendable step and will be noticed and appreciated by customers and clients. One of the good ways for businesses or entities to get clients involved in their actions in protecting the environment is by encouraging them to go green and one of the things that they can do is that instead of using plastic bags, the business establishments then should encourage customers or clients to use eco bags or reusable bags instead. Getting engaged on efforts to save energy and a strong dedication towards environmental compliance is a task and responsibility any business or organization can embark into that is definitely worthy and satisying. It will be helpful especially for businesses or organizations that are in the early phase of environmental compliance to seek the assistance of a professional company because professional companies can help determine the areas which could be worked on for the business or organization to save energy so that there will be a lesser impact to the environment and eventually, so that the business or the organization can eventually save some money.

The Essentials of Telephones – 101

Why You Should Invest in a Business Telephone System The telephone has been around for many decades and has truly transformed the way we operate our businesses as well as communicate with each other. In a business setting the telephone can help businessmen to get in touch with their clients as well as members of the other departments. Regardless of the size of a business, the phone plays a critical role in the way businesses operate. It, therefore, goes without saying that business owners need to invest in a good telephone system. The ever-changing technology has impacted businesses in a variety of ways and continues to do so as business requirements change. One of the areas affected by these changes is the telephone as there have been demand for communication systems that offer more than just voice calls. As a result, the telephone has now become compatible with other emerging technologies such as mobile communication and VoIP. Old telephone systems lack many features that businesses can’t do without in the modern setting. Often, they transmit calls with a cranky voice which doesn’t help in making them stay relevant in the business. Since a normal business receives hundreds of calls on a daily basis, the older telephone systems will encounter difficulties in handling all these calls.
Short Course on Options – Getting to Square 1
When it comes to business phones nowadays, some of the features they are required to have include the ability to hold teleconference calls, forward incoming calls, and monitor all the calls made. Whether you are operating a small business or a large business, teleconferencing is an integral part of business operations and can’t be achieved while using the old telephone systems. A call bridge is another feature of the modern telephones that allows employees of a company to call the company’s phone system even if they are far from the business premises. As a result, business can be done from anywhere.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Options
It is almost impossible for a business to operate successfully without these features that the modern telephone systems have brought about. VoIP is one of these services that has made communicate over the internet possible, reliable, and cheaper than other methods. Call monitoring is also another service that has been a huge success and many businesses rely on it. Whenever you need to purchase a business telephone system, it is crucial to check out the models available in the market and compare them with the requirements of the business. By doing this comparison, the business owner will be capable of choosing systems that are actually of importance to the business. You should also consider your budget when making the choice.